Innovative Solutions - Consumer Products

Heat-Sensing Extension Cord  

The SmartCord® Safety Cord thinks so you don't have to!  The SmartCord® Safety Cord monitors and senses excessive heat in outlets and plugs.  When excessive heat is detected, an audible alarm is sounded and a warning light is illuminated - alterting the homeowner to a possible issue before it becomes dangerous.
Energy Saving Surge Protector 

Woods energy-saving surge protectors sense current flow in a "control device" (such as a TV, computer or amplifier) that is plugged into a "master outlet."  When the current at the master outlet drop or increases, this surge protector automatically turns power off or on at the "Energy Saving Controlled Outlets" which in turn saves energy and money!
USB Charger 
The Woods USB Charger features a plugless design which frees up the use of electrical outlets  for powering other electrical plug-in electronis and appliances.  It is the perfect USB charging solution wherever available electrical outlets are limited or are already in use.
Preview Three Outlet Extension Cord
The Yard Master™ #17322 -25’ Three Outlet Extension Cord is ideal for your landscape when you want to add additional power, as well as add lighting. Eliminates the need to buy two separate products. The kit comes with three attachable light sockets. Simply raise the safety outlet cover and plug in the light socket(s). No tools required. Perfect for landscaping, gardening and backyard entertaining.
  Timers & Home Controls
Woods® timers include products for the consumer or industrial market. For consumers, the wide variety of timers includes mechanical, digital, 24-hour or 7-day, dual-outlet, vacation, in-wall, and outdoor timers, including photocell controls, power stakes and heavy duty versions. In addition, the line includes wireless home controls, which is a fast growing and important channel for homeowners and the technology savvy. For the industrial channel’s need for commercial-grade timers and photocells, the Woods industrial timer line includes multi-volt time switches with sturdy lockable boxes, and hardwire photocells.  View product bulletin
Flip Switch Timer

The Woods brand Flip SwitchTM Timer fits over your existing wall plate and
automatically flips the toggle switch at programmed times. Perfect for turning on
and off overhead lighting, ceiling fans, porch lighting and other outlets controlled
by a wall switch, giving your home that lived in look while you’re away. There is no
wiring required, the timer operates off of two AA batteries, so installation is a snap.