In April 2011, Coleman Cable completed the acquisition of First Capitol Wire & Cable and Continental Wire & Cable. These two acquisitions represent a great opportunity for Coleman Cable to expand its current product offering and build on our growing reputation for producing a wide assortment of high-quality industrial cables.

First Capitol and Continental are leading manufacturers of industrial wire and cable products used across a number of commercial, utility and industrial end-markets. Both companies have a long-established history of providing customers with high-quality custom wire and cable products, including First Capitol’s design and production of a broad line of high-temperature wire and cable products used in OEM applications, as well as within a number of applications for the energy, commercial and industrial end markets.

Our Ultra High Temp line has been designed with rugged environments in mind. These products are engineered to meet the needs of many industries including steel and glass manufacturing facilities, and Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical (OGP) environments.

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